Profiling devtools performance

If you experience performance issues while using the devtools, this guide will explain how to profile the devtools and share the result to the team.

1. Setup environment

First you need to clone and setup the devtools repository as explained in the contributing guide.

2. Run Chrome with web security disabled

The development shell for the devtools is a page with a development version of the devtools and an iframe mimicking the page being inspected.

Normally inspecting the iframe would only work on the same domain (here localhost), but we can workaround this limitation by disabling web security in Chrome.

/path/to/chrome --disable-web-security --disable-site-isolation-trials --user-data-dir="temp-chrome-data"


Do not browse to any other website while using this Chrome instance, as it will disable some security features.

3. Open dev shell

Make sure you have run both the build:watch and the dev:vue3 scripts as explained in the contributing guide.

In the Chrome window, open the devtools development shell at http://localhost:8090.

You can then change the target URL in the toolbar on top of the devtools:

4. Create a profiling session

Open the Chrome devtools and go to the Performance tab.

Start a performance recording by clicking the record button:

Then try to reproduce the performance issues by using your application and the devtools for 10 or 20 seconds.

5. Export the profiling data

When your are done, stop the recording by clicking the stop button:

Then click the "Save profile..." button to export the profiling data:

6. Share the profiling data

Check your Vue devtools version number in the Extensions tab of Chrome:

Post a new comment here with the following information:

  • Run npx envinfo --system --browsers and paste the result. Make sure is contains your OS version and Chrome version.
  • Vue Devtools version.
  • Upadload the profiling data file in the comment (you can drag and drop it in the comment box).


    OS: Linux 5.19 Fedora Linux 36 (Workstation Edition)
    CPU: (24) x64 AMD Ryzen 9 3900XT 12-Core Processor
    Memory: 34.66 GB / 62.71 GB
    Container: Yes
    Shell: 5.1.16 - /bin/bash
    Chrome: 106.0.5249.103
    Firefox: 105.0.1

  Vue Devtools version: 6.4.3

  (Don't forget to upload the profile data file!)

Thank you for your contribution!